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LED Video Wall vs. Projector: Which Should You Use?

LED video wall vs Projector

In the modern age, most events and event planners require some sort of digital display. Whether it’s an LED video wall or a projector, you’ll need a solution that is not only efficient, but cost-effective for your event needs.

But herein lies the problem: which should you use? While our inventory includes both LED video walls and projectors, they offer unique features that may become a determining factor when you make your decision for your next event.

To help you better understand what our LED video walls and projectors are capable of, and to help you make a strategically sound decision for future events, we’ve listed out their respective features and the event types best suited for each.


LED video wall

Consisting of light-emitting diodes (LED), an LED video wall is a huge screen that dynamically presents content such as photos, videos, moving animations and other types of digital graphics. Here are six features to consider when you’re planning your next event:

1. Long-lasting

The approximate lifespan of an LED video wall is around 100,000 hours. This means less costs for repairs or replacements over time.

2. Versatile display options

Our LED video wall cabinets come with a module design, which allows for countless configurations. Each cabinet can swivel and lock at a 90-degree angle, which gives you the freedom to create both convex and concave setups.

3. Energy-efficient

While this is dependent on the colours being displayed (e.g. brighter colours consume more energy than darker colours), each of our LED video wall panels consume up to an average of 100W. This potentially helps to bring down your event costs.

4. Eco-friendly

Since our LED video wall panels use less energy, using them will help you to reduce the overall carbon footprint of your event. This not only benefits the environment, but also presents an environmentally conscious image to your audience.

5. Effective within ambient light

Our LED video walls produce up to 1,000 nits, which makes them sufficiently bright in both lighter and darker environments. This gives it a huge advantage in outdoor environments, where sunlight may affect the quality of your display.

6. Sharp colour contrast

At a contrast ratio of 5,000:1, our P2.5mm LED video walls are packed with millions of pixels to ensure that your content is not only clearly displayed, but is presented with brilliant, striking colours to wow your audience.



A projector is a visual display device that presents digital content by projecting it onto a screen or surface. Here are five reasons why our projectors may just be the optimal solution for your next event:

1. Portable

Compared to an LED video wall, our projectors are usually single boxes. This means they take up a lot less space, making it a viable option for smaller event spaces, such as breakout sessions at conferences.

2. Shorter installation time

Projectors come with fewer ancillary equipment, such as power or signal cables. This makes the entire installation process a shorter and simpler affair. Another important point to note is the manpower requirement; you’ll need fewer people to set up a projector, compared with a large LED video wall which will require the labour of at least three to four specialists.

3. Cost-effective

While the cost of renting projectors may vary, they usually cost less than LED video walls. This offers a useful alternative for events with limited budgets.

4. Versatile display options

Our inventory of projectors includes 180”, 200", 220”, 250” fast-fold projector screens, making it easier for you to choose a suitable size for your event space.


Which works best for your event?

There are many factors that ultimately determine which digital display makes sense for your event. Whether it’s your budget, your event location, available space or the number of attendees, here are some suggestions on which display option you may consider for your next event:

LED video wall

Due to its size and versatile configuration, our LED video walls are ideal for a wide range of event types such as:

  • Large-sized conferences

  • Gala dinners

  • Festivals

  • Award ceremonies


The portability and convenience of projectors make them a suitable option for events with low light, such as:

  • Medium-sized conferences

  • Breakout sessions within conferences

  • Live concerts

Choose your display option with a full-fledged event production partner today

There are features that make either LED video walls or projectors the best option for your event, but making sure the entire process goes smoothly, from planning and installation to event-day execution, requires relevant expertise and experience from a team of production specialists.

Live Productions is a full-fledged technical production agency that boasts an inventory of over 500 light fixtures, including hybrid moving heads, LED par cans, LED light bars and LED light strips. complete with an experienced team of engineers who will set up and programme your stage lighting fixtures according to your event needs.

Create your next event stage lighting setup with us today!

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