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Unleash the same immersive sound enjoyed by audiences at the world's largest concerts & festivals

Sound System Rental in Singapore 


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Sound Design

Amplify your event experience with expert sound design

If you’re watching your idol perform, you’d be excited. But it wouldn’t be half of the adventure that it could be had it been performed in silence. That’s why our sound designers and sound engineers work hand in hand to push the boundaries of your sound stage and deliver clear, detailed audio that heightens your audiences’ senses, no matter where they are in your event space.

Rent a PA or sound system backed by equipment from industry-leading brands

To ensure only high-quality sound, we’re committed to a wide inventory of mixers, speakers and microphones from only the most trusted brands such as Yamaha, L-Acoustics, JBL and Shure - available for rent on their own or as part of a complete sound system setup that’s calibrated for your occasion, whether it’s a concert, a party, a conference, a roadshow or a wedding.

Yamaha QL1 Digital Mixer


Yamaha QL5 Digital Mixer


Benefit from effortless synergy between your sound system setup and your event space

No two events are alike, so why should two sound system setups be? By interpreting the unique profile of each event space, our audio technicians can sidestep potential issues such as audio interferences and wiring challenges and deliver a sound system setup that’s perfect for you.

Sound System Setup

Why rent a PA or sound system from Live Productions?

Great sound is the result of not just a capable PA or sound system but also exceptional attention to details and tight coordination among your audio technician, sound engineer and sound designer. At Live Productions, we have all the ingredients for the success of your event experience. In addition, we have a strong track record in managing the sound for both private and corporate events - and even major government events! Talk to us today to rent the perfect PA or sound system for your event.

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How much does your sound system rental cost?

Our sound system rental starts from $500, depending on the brand and the model of your equipment (and onsite expertise). To get a more accurate quote, be sure to send in an enquiry.



Do I really need a mixer for my sound system rental?

For a simple sound system setup consisting of just a loudspeaker and a microphone, you may not need a mixer. However, if you intend to connect multiple loudspeakers and microphones, a mixer is essential as it gives you independent control over each audio input and output.



Can I rent your sound system without a sound engineer?

Yes, but we would not advise doing so. Our sound engineers are trained to manage the sound at your event and troubleshoot any technical issue that may arise - both integral to optimising the experience of your audiences.



Can your sound system be used outdoors?

Our L-Acoustics A15 Focus and A15 Wide line arrays are IP55 rated for protection against dust and water, while our JBL EON715 portable loudspeakers are primarily rented for indoor use.


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Turn your biggest event into a showcase today with professional-grade audio, visual and lighting equipment.

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