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7 Stage Design Ideas From Around The World That Inspire Us

7 Stage Design Ideas From Around The World That Inspire Us

Memorable live events are defined by many things, and impactful stage design is one of them. It adds visibility to your speakers and performers and draws the attention of attendees through mesmerising visuals and an effectual aesthetic.

As a technical production agency that conceptualises and creates stages for a wide variety of live events, we often take inspiration from beautiful and unforgettable stage designs around the world. Here are seven event stages that have inspired us in our own stage designs over the past two years:

1. Adobe MAX 2023

Stage Designs – Adobe MAX 2023

Adobe MAX 2023 is a creativity-centric conference for designers, creative directors, developers, videographers, photographers, marketers and other creative leaders, where esteemed speakers took to a wide stage over three days of keynote presentations, panels and discussions.

Why we loved this stage:

The layout and design of the main stage is simple but incredibly effective. A giant LED screen, slightly folded to create three connected panels, commanded the attention of attendees from every angle.

The large screen also allowed speakers and performers to customise their content according to their presentations and performances.

2. Google I/O 2024

Stage Designs – Google I/O 2024

Google I/O 2024 is a massive conference held by Google for developers, where the newest product launches and key updates are announced through keynote speeches and technical presentations. Attendees were also able to try out new Google products and solutions, and participate in meetups and collaborations with industry peers and experts alike.

Why we loved this stage:

A simple layout comprised a large frameless LED screen and a light-coloured wooden design, supported by a backdrop of lush greenery.

This gave the main stage a clean yet surprisingly mesmerising visual aesthetic that subtly drew the attention of attendees instead of commanding it through overwhelming size and loud colours.

3. Eurovision 2023

Stage Designs – Eurovision 2023

Eurovision 2023, held in Liverpool, United Kingdom, is the 67th edition of the annual international song competition organised by the European Broadcasting Union, where participating countries submit original songs and vote amongst each other to decide the winner.

Why we loved this stage:

In contrast to the simple and subtle design of the Google I/O 2024 main stage, the bold colours and the unconventional lines and curves of the Eurovision 2023 stage created a strikingly unapologetic presence in the midst of the Liverpool Arena.

It offered performers a powerful platform equipped with an array of vivid lighting effects, giving them the opportunity to fully express themselves with powerful performances.

4. TED2024

Stage Designs – TED2024

TED2024 is the 40th anniversary of TED’s annual conference event. Globally influential as a key driver of shaping future trends in technology, entertainment and design, the 2024 edition saw industry leaders come together for five days of sharing meaningful ideas that bring global impact.

Why we loved this stage:

Straightforward yet unmistakably salient in design, the bright red carpet of the TED2024 main stage establishes it as a globally recognised icon of the TED branding.

Coupled with a slightly curved LED screen serving as a backdrop, the stage design invited the attention of the audience and effectively drew their eyes to the centre stage where each speaker gave their presentation.

5. SXSW EDU Conference & Festival 2024

Stage Designs – SXSW EDU Conference & Festival 2024

South by Southwest (SXSW) EDU Conference & Festival is an annual event where global leaders in education come together to shape the future of teaching and learning through sessions on AI implementation, tackling teacher burnout and retention, education to workforce pipeline and more.

Why we love this stage:

Just as the previous year’s edition had its own specific design element, the 2024 main stage made effective use of its two-toned circular design motif by splashing it throughout the stage, including the side panels of a large LED screen and in its content displays.

This represents each year’s topic of focus and gives each yearly edition a distinct, memorable identity.

6. Dreamforce 2023

Stage Designs – Dreamforce 2023

Dreamforce 2023 is an annual AI event held by Salesforce, bringing together the company’s community of customers, partners and employees for AI-focused learning, community building and philanthropy.

Why we loved this stage:

In this year’s edition, Dreamforce 2023 focused on the impact of AI on sustainability and the environment.

The main stage not only serves as a visual extension of the theme, but gave the event an unorthodox visual aesthetic for an AI-centric event: an abundance of nature-inspired design elements such as forests and trees.

7. PCMA Convening Leaders 2023

Stage Designs – PCMA Convening Leaders 2023

A huge event organised by Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA), the PCMA Convening Leaders 2023 (CL23) event drew a crowd of 3,300 attendees for peer-to-peer networking opportunities and collaborations, idea exchanges and the exploration of new trends between professional organisations and their audiences and stakeholders.

Why we loved this stage:

Three separate LED screens spanned across the breadth of the stage, separated into a centre screen and two mirroring screens on each side of the stage, created a vibrant one-of-a-kind stage design and experience for both speakers and attendees.

The custom shapes of the mirroring LED screens also provided inspiration for the possibilities of potential stage designs in future events.

Conceptualise and create memorable stage designs with us today

Setting up a simple LED screen as a backdrop for a standard stage setting isn’t complicated, but it takes more if you want your stage to serve as a powerful visual element of your event. That’s where a partnership with a team of production and stage design specialists come in – a team who is able to ensure a smooth process from planning, to installation, to event-day execution.

Live Productions is a full-fledged technical production agency with a strong track record for crafting and executing unique stage designs for a wide variety of live events, including private, corporate and even government events. Our experienced team of specialists will meticulously plan and execute your stage design, so you’ll achieve your dream stage design.

Create an unforgettable stage with us today!

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