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Stage Lighting Rental

Give new contrast and texture to every second of your stage action

Stage Lighting Rental in Singapore


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Stage Lighting Design

Reveal new dimensions in your stage action with professional lighting design

Watching an event unfold on stage isn’t unlike witnessing an action scene on TV - it’s frenetic, it’s dramatic, and it leaves your audiences on the edge of their seats. But only if there’s stage lighting to set the tone, bring out the details in each scene and drive the emotions of your audiences. That’s what our lighting designer strives to achieve for every event, whether it’s an awards ceremony, a gala dinner, an opening ceremony, a product launch or a concert.

Create different types of lighting effects with your stage lighting rental

We boast an inventory of over 500 light fixtures, including hybrid moving heads, LED par cans, LED light bars and LED light strips. With the right combination of light fixtures, you can produce any kind of lighting effects!

Beam Lighting


Throw a laser-like beam of light across your event space - perfect for conjuring unique light art or energising your event floor.

Spot Lighting


Highlight specific areas on stage without leaking ambient light into the surroundings. You can also give your subject extra pop by combining with fog.

Gobo lighting


Gobo refers to a unique filter that's placed in a light path. This allows you to dazzle your audiences by projecting light in various colours, shapes and patterns (even in the form of your logos!).

Wash Lighting


Distribute light evenly across a large area such as a stage or an event floor - or even structures and buildings! 

Love stage lighting built with your event space in mind

Lighting effects are just half of what makes good stage lighting. In designing the lighting for your event experience, our lighting designer is careful to pay homage to your event space. The result is a marriage of clever lighting techniques and astute control of existing room lighting to bring your stage (and event experience) to life in the most magical way.

Stage Lighting Design

Why rent stage lighting from Live Productions?

Our holistic approach to stage lighting - from planning with your event space in mind to supplying all the required light fixtures to programming your lights to be in step with your event agenda - ensures that you will get the best results when you work with us. In addition, we have lit up major consumer and corporate events such as Great Christmas Village on Orchard Road, Artbox Singapore 2023 and Singapore Maritime Week 2023.

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How many light fixtures do I need to rent for my stage?

It depends on the size of your stage and the goal you want to achieve with your stage lighting.


If your stage is wide, renting more spot fixtures to place around the sides will help to add more definition to your subject while casting dramatic shadows on your floors or walls. You may also want to add a backlight to more effectively separate your subject from your backdrop. If your want to bathe your stage in a warm glow, you may want to consider renting multiple wash light fixtures. The larger your stage, the more wash light fixtures you need.

To find a combination that's right for your event, we encourage you to send in an enquiry.



What type of light fixtures can I rent from Live Productions?

We stock over 500 light fixtures, including hybrid moving heads, LED par cans, LED light bars and LED light strips. With the right combination of light fixtures, you can bring your event to life with various lighting effects such as beam lighting, spot lighting, gobo patterns and wash lighting.



How much does your stage lighting rental cost?

Our basic stage lighting rental package starts at $1,000. The exact cost depends on your stage size, the number and type of light fixtures you need, your event types, the duration of your event and the position of your light fixtures (e.g. whether they are rigged on the ground, on a stand or overhead). 

To get the most accurate quote, we encourage you to send in an enquiry.



How much power does your stage lighting consume?

In line with keeping with the Singapore Green Plan 2030, we stock only energy-saving light fixtures.



How do you control the stage lighting?

Your stage lighting is controlled by our certified lighting engineer on a class-leading Avolites Diamond 9 production board.


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