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Stage Design & Rigging in Singapore

Give your event a platform it deserves

Stage Design & Rigging in Singapore


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Modular Stage Design

Build a stage that evolves with your event

As the foundation, literally, of any event, a stage should fit your event like a glove. That’s why we keep an inventory of compact stage modules that we’re able to easily connect to create an independent stage or extend an existing stage in unique ways. Whether you’re staging a talk, a conference or a performance, your event will be in good hands with us.

Complete your stage with all the technical support you need

At Live Productions, we grow with your event requirements, so our support goes beyond designing your stage. By retrofitting your stage with trusses, we’re able to rig your stage with a whole host of advanced visual, audio and lighting solutions such as LED video walls, line arrays and hybrid moving heads. Together, they can help create a more immersive event experience and enable your event to make a statement.

Stage Rigging
Stage Design

Enjoy a stage that’s engineered to perfection

Nothing is left to chance, especially when we’re helping to stage your biggest events. Our measured approach to stage design empowers you to quickly envisage complex stage designs while allowing us to construct your stage in a safe, reliable and confident way.

Why engage Live Productions to design & rig your stage? 

At Live Productions, we put your unique event requirements front and centre. From conceptualising your stage to designing it to building it to rigging it with all the visual, audio and lighting solutions you need, we work in close consultation with you every step of the way. Talk to us today to find out how we can help stage your biggest events.

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