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Live Streaming Services for Hybrid & Virtual Events in Singapore

Give every audience a front-row experience to your event

Live Streaming Services for Hybrid & Virtual Events in Singapore


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Live Streaming Singapore

Is live streaming still relevant in Singapore?

Event organisers leapt into live streaming in the thick of pandemic. With the latter now over, many have migrated back to in-person events. But live streaming has remained a popular solution for those who wish to supplement their in-person events with the numerous advantages of live streaming.

Among which is the ability to extend the reach of your event to audiences across the globe without them needing to travel to your venue. This helps to reduce your event's carbon footprint while making it more accessible. At the same time, your speakers can join your event remotely.

What can you achieve when you live stream your hybrid or virtual event with Live Productions?

Enjoy a live stream that’s set up for success from the start

Every smoothly executed live stream is built on the back of careful planning and effective space management. That’s why we make it a priority to tour your venue before your event. This helps us to better understand your space, optimise the setup of the cameras and the lights, and anticipate other obstacles.

Live Streaming Singapore
Multi-camera capture

Never miss a beat with multi-camera capture

It’s not difficult to imagine that you will quickly lose the attention of your virtual audiences if your live stream is centred on just one view. By giving them a more dynamic live stream, you’re more likely to keep your virtual audiences engaged.

Live stream in 4K* to multiple platforms, at anytime and from anywhere

Microsoft Teams
Mice Neurol

Our live streaming specialists are adept at integrating our live streaming solutions across multiple major live streaming platforms, whether it’s a public or a private live stream.

* Lag-free output at 4K is dependent on the available bandwidth at your venue. To find out whether your venue is capable of supporting a 4K live stream, speak to us.

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How much does it cost to engage Live Productions to live stream my hybrid or virtual event?

It depends on the scale of your event. Some of the factors that can affect your cost include the type of equipment needed to smoothly execute your live stream and the duration of your live stream. To get an accurate quote, we encourage you to send in an enquiry.



What is the typical lead time for live streaming my virtual or hybrid event?

Although it can vary from event to event, we recommend a lead time of at least 3-4 weeks.


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Turn your biggest event into a showcase today with professional-grade audio, visual and lighting equipment.

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