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LED Video Wall Rental in Singapore

The largest inventory of high-res P2.5mm LED video wall panels for rent in Singapore, reserved for your event

LED Video Wall Rental in Singapore


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Unfold your visuals onto a larger-than-life LED video wall to draw audiences deep into your event experience

Showcase your media on a screen that’s larger than a football field - or as large as your eyes are able to see. Whether it’s a cinematic backdrop that dances to every ebb and flow of your stage performances, your brand and creative assets or other forms of rich content, your media will be designed to stand out and help boost the engagement between you and your audiences.

Large LED Video Wall in Singapore
LED Video Wall Configuration

Bring your creative stage designs to life with countless LED video wall configurations

Each of our LED video wall cabinets arrives with connection smarts to allow for a highly modular design. So even if your stage calls for an asymmetrical LED video wall, we deliver. Better yet, each cabinet can swivel and lock at ±5   increments up to ±90  , empowering you to create LED video walls with both convex and concave textures.



Enjoy crystal-clear images on your LED video wall, even up close

Our P2.5mm video wall panels pack millions of pixels to reproduce your media at its original visual fidelity, even when your audiences are viewing it from as close as 3m away. This makes our LED video wall suitable to rent for sit-down events such as conferences and seminars - and events where your audiences are expected to interact with your LED video wall such as at festivals and brand activations.

P2.5mm LED Video Wall in Singapore

Why rent a LED video wall from Live Productions?

When you rent a LED video wall from us, you gain access to your experienced team of engineers, who will set up and programme your LED video wall to exactly the way you envision it to look. You can also rely on onsite technical expertise to ensure the smooth execution of your event experience. Above all, we’re your LED video wall consultants. Talk to us today to find out how we can help you drive deeper immersion and invaluable engagement with your audiences.

Should I rent a LED video wall, laser projector & screen or a TV for my event?

At Live Productions, we’re committed to helping you find the right display solution for your event. With high-res LED video wall panels, large-venue laser projectors & screens and event-friendly TVs available for rent, which display solution should you choose?









LED Video Wall Rental
Display Size.png

Each panel measures 22". Multiple panels can be connected to achieve your desired display size

Depends on configuration of LED Video Wall


Up to 7680 x 4320



Up to 1,000 nits


Yes, IP65 rated for protection against dust & water

Up to an average of 100W per panel

LED Video Wall


Projector & Screen

Display Size.png

182”, 220” & 275”




1920 x 1200


Up to 31,000 lumens


Yes, with protective cover

Up to an average of 2,310W

TV Screen Rental
Display Size.png

32”, 43”, 50”, 55”, 65” & 75”




Up to 3840 x 2160


Up to 400 nits

Up to 4,000:1


Up to 350W

Supported by Live Productions




What is a P2.5mm LED video wall?

P2.5mm is the pixel pitch of the LED video wall. A smaller pixel pitch means more pixels can fit into a given space on a LED video wall, increasing pixel density for higher-resolution visuals.



How large can my LED video wall really be?

It can be as large as you want it to be, subject to our available inventory at the time of your enquiry. Each of our LED video wall panels measures 0.5m x 0.25m.



Can I reduce the brightness of my LED video wall?

Yes, you can. Each of our LED video wall panels can achieve a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits.



What format does my media need to be in for it to be played on my LED video wall?

Your LED video wall is a mirror of the screen on a laptop or a media device, so any content format that works on a laptop or a media device is compatible with your LED video wall.



Can my LED video wall be used outdoors?

Yes, it can. Our LED video wall panels are IP65 rated for protection against dust and water. They also come with an anti-glare coating, which allows your media to be viewed under bright sunlight.


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