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3 Ways LED Video Walls Are Revolutionising MICE Events

LED video wall

LED video walls are steadily gaining ground among event planners as an important element of the modern meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) industry. The large sizes, bright screens and unmatched versatility of their displays not only capture the attention, but also the imagination of your guests.

This trend is here to stay. A report by Transparency Market Research shows that the global LED video walls market, valued at around US$18 billion in 2021, is expected to be valued at over US$53 billion by 2031. But most importantly, they remain the industry leader for corporate events as a powerful brand communication tool.

Let’s take a look at three ways LED video walls are shaking up MICE industry events:

1. LED video walls create truly immersive displays

LED video wall - conference
Yeap Ming Feng, Head of Seedly, giving a speech at the Seedly Personal Finance Festival 2024.

One of the biggest benefits of LED video walls is their ability to capture and hold attention with visually stunning high-resolution displays. Through proper planning and well-thought-out execution, they can not only create memorable spaces, but also transform entire spaces into unique environments that redefine the look and feel of your event.

At Live Productions, our LED video walls are available for rent, and we’ve used it for a multitude of events, spaces and visual concepts. Our LED video walls boast an 8K screen resolution, as well as a P.25mm pixel pitch. This smaller pixel pitch allows more pixels to fit into a particular area, allowing for higher-resolution visuals throughout our displays.

Our LED video walls are also able to produce a brightness level of up to 1,000 nits. This allows the rest of their features to stand out, as they can only be perceived if they’re bright enough.

Ultimately, the precision and details of our LED video walls allow us to draw our guests into every display, with a level of detail that facilitates truly immersive experiences.

2. LED video walls offer versatility like no other

LED video walls come in a modular design – this means the individual panels can be assembled and configured according to your specific needs. For example, you may use fewer panels for smaller and more intimate settings, or scale up your LED video wall for large conferences or festivals, with hundreds or thousands of guests.

Another benefit of this adaptable, modular design is that you can configure them to seamlessly blend into your event space. This gives you the flexibility and option to customise your visual display setup, including even unorthodox ones with irregular shapes and patterns.

Most of all, the versatile panels of an LED video wall allows you to position them in a way that every guest at your event gets a clear, unobstructed view of your display. This also adds to the first point, since allowing your guests to view your display at any part of the event, wherever they are situated, will also enhance their immersive experience.

3. LED video walls facilitate meaningful interaction and communication

LED video wall - interaction and communication
Leaders of the Singapore Maritime Week 2023 conference placing their hands directly on the LED video wall. Image: MPA Singapore

The customisable displays of LED video walls afford event organisers a breadth of options when it comes to interaction and communication. Whether it’s corporate branding identity such as logos and company colours, or promotional material such as highlight reels and key graphics, LED video walls can clearly and brightly display your branding and increase their touchpoints with your guests.

LED video walls also offer a wide range of interactive features to help you engage with your audience. From straightforward touch screens to advanced gesture recognition technology, LED video walls create opportunities for guests to get involved in the event experience as active participants.

Create an unforgettable experience with our LED video walls today

LED video walls are always a great addition to your event, and to the experience of your guests. But managing their use, from the physical setup to planning the digital content that will appear on them, can be challenging.

Live Productions is a full-fledged technical production agency that offers the largest inventory of high-resolution P2.5mm LED video wall panels in Singapore, complete with an experienced team of engineers who will set up and programme your LED video wall according to your specific vision. You may also rely on our technical expertise to ensure the smooth execution of your event experience.

Rent your next LED video wall with us, and let us create your next event experience together!

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